FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Every piece of jewellery you buy will arrive protected by our eco-friendly packaging.

If the jewellery is a gift and you would like a special message for the recipient, we will be happy to add a small handwritten card with your dictated message. It is also possible to arrange the creation of an entirely personalised piece. In this case you can contact us directly by email at: info@zefirojewels.com 



Please bear in mind that each piece of jewellery is handmade and its individual features are part of a handcrafted creation. No two pieces will ever be the same. Therefore the jewellery you have bought may vary slightly from that in the photo.

 In time metals like silver and bronze oxidise, lose their shine or become gradually darker. If they come into contact with the hydrogen in the air yellow, brown or black marks may appear. Perspiration is another important contributing factor to tarnishing of the metal. The extent and speed of oxidisation mainly depends on the skin (pH) of the person wearing the jewellery. Please note that sensitivity or allergic reactions to metals cannot in themselves be considered a defect of the products. As stated above, oxidisation in silver and bronze jewellery is a natural effect and cannot be totally avoided. We recommend cleaning the jewellery regularly following the advice below.


To preserve your Zefiro jewellery and avoid damage we suggest you follow these simple instructions:

  1. Don’t wear the jewellery while doing the housework, washing, swimming, sports, in bed.
  2. Don’t wear the jewellery in situations where it would come into contact with rough surfaces or strong impacts.
  3.  Don’t expose the jewellery to hairspray, perfume, alcohol, skin cream, strong chemical products, ammonia, sulphur, bleach, chlorine and salt water which can damage the finish and galvanic baths.
  4. Don’t wear the jewellery at the beach, the sand might scratch the surface.
  5. Stones and pearls are delicate and may break if struck.
  6.  When not wearing the jewellery it is important to place each piece in a protective pouch, away from light and heat.
  7.  Don’t keep the jewellery in the bathroom or other damp places.
  8.  Don’t keep the jewellery in polyvinyl plastic bags, like rubbish bags because they contain sulphur compounds which make the metals oxidise more quickly.
  9. To protect  the jewellery while travelling, it is advisable to use a travel pouch, in cloth or leather, easy to roll up.

It is advisable to wash the jewellery in a bowl of tepid water (temperature below 30°C) with a delicate or neutral detergent, rub it gently with a brush with soft bristles and rinse with water.

 Remember to always dry your jewellery with a soft cloth, because humidity can cause oxidisation.

You can also clean your jewellery with a soft cloth (tissues or paper towels could scratch, because of the fibres present in them). Polishing cloths on which chemicals have been applied must be used carefully only on the untreated metal parts (not plated with gold or rhodium or burnished).

We recommend cleaning jewellery decorated with pearls or mother of pearl with a damp cloth, rubbing carefully and delicately and then drying with an undamaged soft cloth.

Wash stones with tepid water and a soft brush, pat them dry (don’t rub) with a soft cloth.

You can use specific immersion products to polish silver or other materials (commercially available), taking care to always dry it well with a soft cloth. If you are not sure, take your jewellery to be cleaned or polished directly to your trusted jeweller instead.


Zefiro jewellery are handcrafted products, not industrially produced. Our stock is variable and we also work a lot on the personalisation of the order.

So the time before dispatch depends on whether the piece is in stock.

  1. If the product is in stock when ordered we will send it within 5 working days by courier. The customer will be informed by email upon dispatch, receiving a tracking code. Delivery time in Italy is 48 hours from the handover to the courier. 
  2. If the product is not in stock, we need 14 working days to produce, refine and eventually personalise the jewellery in the chosen metal. We will send the order by courier within14 working days. The customer will be informed by email upon dispatch, receiving a tracking code. Delivery time in Italy is 48 hours from the handover to the courier.